Now that all the excitement of the holidays has passed, I wanted to take the time to thank you for guiding us on Lake Fork the Monday before Thanksgiving. We had a great time, learned a lot, and hauled in some real hawgs. Living so far away, it really was a trip of a lifetime… Read More »
Mitch Kush
My brother and I traveled from Miami, Fl to fish with Jason on Lake Fork. We fished March 17 and 18th, 2013. To say we had a great time with lots of fun, laughter, and big bass would be an understatement. The conditions were not ideal, however Jason put us on some hawgs because of… Read More »
Sean S.
I was in search for something special for my son's graduation present. I wanted to book a guided fishing trip on Lake Fork (6/27/13), but had no idea who to use. I came across Jason Hoffman's information and decided to give him a call. I knew from the conversation I had with this cat, we… Read More »
Jeremy G.
Jason, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciated the effort you put into making the trip a good one. I see the picture made the bragging board . Thanks! The weather was frightful that day (11/04/13), the rain started out slow and picked up speed as the temps… Read More »
Mickey I.
It seems like every week there is a post made for a lake fork guide recommendation. There are a lot of replies to that question, but very little information is provided on why a person should select that particular guide. So, I thought I would share my recommendation and day on the water with Jason… Read More »
Mason E.
Jason and I have been trying to get a trip on the books for a few months...Well Wednesday (12/18/2013) we hooked up. We hit the water around 10am as that was the earliest I could get there...We were on a mission to pull a Mule.. That's it...One bite...One Fish...one Lure...Jig! Nice looking on the front… Read More »
Chris R.
Sorry I am so delinquent in getting an e-mail sent to you to say THANKS for a great day fishing on Lake Fork! My nephew Nick and I came over spring break in March. I know the weather wasn’t perfect at that time but Nick had an AWESOME time!! He was so excited to see… Read More »
Jan S.
When I first started researching guide services for my trip to Lake Fork, Texas I kept seeing Jason Hoffman’s name come up with excellent reviews. I have to admit I was a little skeptical that getting a guide would make much of a difference, I fish multiple times a week. Today I was proved totally… Read More »
Thanks again for the over the top guide experience. It's not often that guides can keep you on the fish all day long and make sure everyone catches big fish. You really stand out from other guides on Lake Fork, which speaks to your fifteen years on Fork. We have booked again for September and… Read More »
David P.
I took us almost a year to book Jason Hoffman for April 2014 and it was well worth the wait. It was a cold and windy day and Jason had us on the fish all day. From morning until late afternoon, every spot we caught bass. I have been fishing 35 plus years, and along… Read More »
J. Fox


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