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Mitch Kush

Now that all the excitement of the holidays has passed, I wanted to take the time to thank you for guiding us on Lake Fork the Monday before Thanksgiving. We had a great time, learned a lot, and hauled in some real hawgs. Living so far away, it really was a trip of a lifetime and we walked away with some great memories. My son and I have wanted to fish Falcon and Fork for years. We managed to mark Falcon off the list and finally marked Fork off the list and glad we did.

I was very fortunate that someone in my area was able to recommend your guide service based on word of mouth. I am also sure you would agree there is always an element of risk dealing with someone with whom you have never met. Your service far exceeded my expectations. First and foremost, you treated my family with respect. This was especially important having my wife and future daughter-in-law with us. Thanks for making us all feel right at home. Second, you asked me what my expectations were regarding the outing. That may sound a little simplistic, but I felt like you took the time to customize the outing to meet my goals, and not just taking us along to fish with you in your boat. Third, you taught us about the fall pattern, finding structure, lure selection, and tips on reading the electronics. Lastly, because there were four of us in the group, you arranged to have another guide you trusted to help, and kept us all in close proximity to enjoy each other's company and catches.


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