Full Day (8 hours) $ 500.00 1 or 2 guests
$ 650.00 3 guests
Extended Half Day (6 hours) $ 400.00 1 or 2 guests
$ 525.00 3 guests
Half Day (4 hours) $ 300.00 1 or 2 guests
$ 400.00 3 guests

Deposit (Due upon booking)***

$ 150.00
***In the event of a short notice cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable and cannot be applied to a future trip.  (Short notice cancellation is less than two weeks prior our trip.)

When a cancellation occurs on short notice, we do not have an opportunity to re-book that date, and we lose a day of work.  This business is somewhat seasonal, so we only have so many dates that we are able to book in a year.  When we lose one of those to a late cancellation, we don’t have the opportunity to make that day up.  The purpose of the deposit is to provide us with a form of insurance so that that date is not a complete loss.  We understand that extenuating circumstances may occur, and we are sympathetic to them, but this policy is needed to protect us from a complete loss of income for that date.  Thank you for your understanding!!!

  • Artificial lures furnished at no additional cost
  • Rods and reels furnished upon request
  • Individual, group, and corporate trips
  • Instructional guide trips
  • Beginners or experienced anglers
  • Children welcome
  • Accommodations arranged upon request
  • Book early to insure the availability of the date of your choice