Lake Fork Umbrella Rig - Catching Two at a Time!!!

By Jason Hoffman on January 20, 2016
This time of year can be a blast. When you find the fish bunched up and feeding on big balls of shad, there's no better technique for catching bass than an umbrella rig.

Lake Fork Report - January 13, 2016

By Jason Hoffman on January 13, 2016
We had a great year in 2015 on Lake Fork, and I am really excited about what 2016 will bring us. We were blessed with record rains last year, and that brought the lake up from a low of about 7.5', and we were within a foot of being at full pool for most of… Read More »

Lake Fork Big Bass Pictures

By Jason Hoffman on September 22, 2015
Pictures of Lake Fork guide Jason Hoffman and his clients. Please click to enlarge.

Lake Fork Report - April 12, 2015

By Jason Hoffman on April 12, 2015
If you follow my guide service on Facebook, you know that we've been having some REALLY big days on Lake Fork the past few weeks. This week was no different as this past Wednesday, my clients Scott and Trey had the trip of a lifetime with their best five weighing 42 lbs 4 oz. They… Read More »

March 11, 2015 - Best 5 - 43.31 lbs!!!

By Jason Hoffman on March 11, 2015
I picked up my new Ranger Z521C powered by the new Evinrude G2 yesterday, and I had my first trip in it today. My client Jerry had the trip of a lifetime with a best 5 weighing in at 43.31 lbs. His best 5 went 10.13, 9.81, 8.81, 7.81, and 6.75. It's a day that… Read More »

Lake Fork | March 9, 2015

By Jason Hoffman on March 9, 2015
The water level on Lake Fork is on the rise as we continue to get rain across our watershed. Lake Fork has risen a little over 2 feet in the past two weeks, and we are now sitting at 398.0 (5 feet below full pool). We will continue to rise, and the meteorologists are calling… Read More »

Lake Fork | February 23, 2015

By Jason Hoffman on February 23, 2015
It's 2:00 p.m. as I write this report, and the temperature outside is 32 degrees and falling!!! We are supposed to get down to 23 degrees later this afternoon. For northeast Texas, that's cold!!! Before this past Friday, the fishing was fantastic. Friday, the clouds moved in, and the bite got much tougher because of… Read More »

Lake Fork - 2/12 and 2/13/2015

By Jason Hoffman on February 14, 2015
Fishing remains very good on Lake Fork despite the small cold front that came through. We had another 18 fish day on Thursday with a 9-03 and a couple more over 7 lbs. Friday morning we boated 7 in a half day with two more over 7 lbs, and lost one near the boat that… Read More »

Lake Fork - 2/11/2015

By Jason Hoffman on February 11, 2015
Great February day with Nolan and Bobby today. We boated 18 and lost a few more. Lots of good fish today with several fish in the 5-7 pound range. Water temps are on the rise. We started the day in 52.1 degree water and found water as warm as 56.2 degrees. We are getting little… Read More »


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