Lake Fork | March 9, 2015

The water level on Lake Fork is on the rise as we continue to get rain across our watershed. Lake Fork has risen a little over 2 feet in the past two weeks, and we are now sitting at 398.0 (5 feet below full pool). We will continue to rise, and the meteorologists are calling for another 1"-2" this afternoon and tonight. This is very good news for Lake Fork. I would really like to see it come up another couple of feet so that the water would flood more of the new shoreline growth. That would be ideal for the success of upcoming spawn.

As far as water conditions go, the backs of most of the creeks are somewhere between stained and muddy. The upper ends of the main lake are also pretty stained. As you go south, the water starts to clear up some, but some parts are still a little off-colored. Water temps are in the low 50s in most areas, but I have seen some water as high as 55.8 degrees. The warming trend that will start tomorrow should yield some fantastic fishing later this week. Look for some giants to be caught soon.

There are some fish roaming some very shallow water (1'-3'), but there's not much size to them yet. I am focusing on depths of 10'-20' looking for those bigger females. My numbers haven't been very good due to the weather, but our size has been good, and that's what most people come to Lake Fork for.

Here's Don from NJ with his new personal best of 8.69 lbs that he caught fishing with me on Saturday (3/07). 

And, Nick had a really nice trip the day before....

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