March 22, 2012

By Jason Hoffman on June 12, 2012
The lake is up 2.3 ft so far after the rains, and the lake now sits at 400.91 as of this writing (a little over 2 ft below normal pool). The fish seem to have scattered some, but we managed to put an even 20 in the boat yesterday and 18 in the boat today.… Read More »

Lake Fork is on the rise!!!

By Jason Hoffman on June 12, 2012
We have gotten several inches of rain over the past 13 hours, and the lake is already up 10" and is now sitting at 399.38 (3.62 ft below normal pool). All of the feeder creeks around the lake are still out of their banks, so the lake will continue to rise quickly.

March 19, 2012

By Jason Hoffman on June 12, 2012
We only got to fish until noon today due to the high winds. We still managed to boat 13 bass up to 8.69 lbs. Most of our fish today were caught on squarebill crankbaits (Jackall Aska 60 SR and Jackall Bling 55), but we did catch a few on a drop shot before the wind… Read More »

March 18, 2012

By Jason Hoffman on June 12, 2012
Today we boated 34 and lost another 8-10 that we couldn't get out of the timber. Same patterns and areas are producing, and most of our fish are fat, prespawn females. Here's Jeff with his new personal best (7.31) and a couple more from our day that included 3 more over 6 lbs.

March 17, 2012

By Jason Hoffman on June 12, 2012
Much of the same today on Lake Fork, although we did add a few swimbait fish to the mix including a 7.81 caught by Hank. We also a added a 7.31 and a bunch of nice slot fish. The swimbait fish were in 2-6 ft and the soft plastics fish were in 5-12 ft.

March 16, 2012

By Jason Hoffman on June 12, 2012
Just about the same results as yesterday. We finished the day with 23 in the boat with several nice slot fish. Same depth and same patterns worked today as they did yesterday. There were more fish that moved shallow, but I still feel like the best bite is in that 6-10 ft range.  

March 15, 2012

By Jason Hoffman on June 12, 2012
After a nice start, we struggled for a bit to find some fish that would bite.  We went to lunch with only 6 fish in the boat, and we only had 7 by 2:00 when I decided to move out to the main lake and fish for some staging fish.  I could kick myself in… Read More »

March 13, 2012

By Jason Hoffman on June 12, 2012
Overall, it was a pretty tough day for me today. We caught fish everywhere we stopped, but we never found a large concentration of fish today. Water temp at the ramp this morning was 58.7 and it warmed to 61 this afternoon. We caught most of our fish on drop shots and black/blue Santone jigs… Read More »

March 7, 2012

By Jason Hoffman on June 12, 2012
Great day on Lake Fork as we finished the day with 36 bass in the boat today. We had to hide from the wind a little bit, but it didnt take long to find a pattern. We fished soft plastics in 3-5 ft of water around the stumps. The key was to slow down and… Read More »

March 5, 2012

By Jason Hoffman on June 12, 2012
It's a beautiful day on the lake today and the big girls are making their move. Light weight soft plastics are the deal so far this morning and we are starting to catch some bigger fish in shallow water. Water temp is 58 on the main lake and low to mid 60s in the creeks.


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