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It was beautiful winter day yesterday. Fished with guide Jason Hoffman and man, let me tell you, that boy knows how to fish!We started off right by the ramp working the left cove. After catching a few small fish, we headed to the bridge for my introduction to drop shotting. In about an hour, we landed another 7 or 8 fish. This technique will never be my favorite, but I can see how it could be extremely effective in certain situations. The the fish here were relatively small, but we were just getting warmed up.Next we headed to the far end of the lake to work the timber. The bigger fish began to show up here. Boated several nice chunks and a 5#er, mainly on senkos.Moved to the back side of the far bridge and caught several more fat 3#ers, mostly on finesse worms.With just a minute or two of day light remaining, we ended the day on a hump. Jason didn't waste any time. First he landed a nice 4#er. Then he put a 5#er in the boat. What a great way to finish the day!We totaled 21 fish on a beautiful lake. Not too shabby for half day's fishing.  Jason is an excellent guide. He really knows his craft and is a great person to spend time on the water with. I would highly recommend him if you're seeking a professional guide - without a doubt.


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Mobile: (903) 456-3691
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