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Robert Ridell

Man, thanks for a great time, I had a wonderful trip as did Charla, we just looked on your website and saw the pics, they're great!  I'm going to write a testimonial, use it if you want, if not, I guess just read it for the truth!

I work overseas, and my trips back home to East Texas are few and short, and sometimes get changed at the last minute.  I was home in October of last year, and with short notice, was able to get with Jason for a trip to Lake Fork.  He had a situation come up, and was unable to take us, but found a great replacement in Wendell Moon who took us and put us on some fish.  Great guide, and at that time, I knew Jason was a good guy to have a friend like Wendell.

My next trip home was going to be in early February, and Jason and I confirmed plans to fish Monticello for some bedding fish.  Well.... my plans got changed again, and I had to cancel.  I then had plans to return early March, made plans again with Jason, only to have my itinerary get moved up to late February, causing me to cancel again.  Jason was open for 1 day during my time home, so we took it.  We doubled right off the bat, then it was slow going for a while.  We moved, checking several places, but the muddy water and cooler temps had shut down what was a great bite just a few days earlier.  We then checked another area, found some good water, and like the morning started, caught 2 right off the bat.  We then needed to make a run to the marina, but before we did, Jason found one on a bed.  We fished it hard, but had to get back to the marina.  Upon returning to fishing, we found another boat on that fish.  We found another couple of fish on the beds, and my ultimate goal was for my girlfriend to catch a big fish off the beds.  She got up on the front of the boat with Jason and he coached her on that fish.  In a few minutes, she reared back and the short line fight was on.  Next, I'm taking pictures of her with her biggest fish to date, a 6 lber.

The light was going fast, and we were really getting on the fish.  Jason was able to work some things around and take us again the next morning for half a day.  We went back to those fish, but another boat had beat us there, and coupled with the wind making it hard to see what fish were still there, we weren't able to spot any bed fish.

Jason's flexibility with scheduling, his great attitude, and patience to get my girlfriend her biggest bass really impressed me.  He is a class act, and a great guide who I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone at any level of bass fishing.

Thanks Jason for a great trip, and we'll see you in June for some topwater action!


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