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Just got back from my first trip ever to Lake Fork. Despite not catching the big one, the trip was a great success thanks to one of the best guides I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. I have fished seriously for over 10 years now with many different guides and none ever worked as hard as Jason Hoffman. When coming to a Lake for the first time or just looking to learn something new, from someone who spends 100's of days on the water you know and love. Nothing beats getting a guide to significantly increase your chances of success. On Friday, we faced some on-going tough weather conditions but Jason put us on fish and showed us how to catch fish under the conditions we would be faced with for the weekend. Whether fishing for fish on the beds or perfecting the wacky worm presentations, he coached us and helped us out tremendously. We managed to catch 20+ fish with Jason when the resounding comments we heard from everyone was little to no fish at all. Meeting Jason for the first time is honestly like fishing with someone you have fished with for years. Even if the fishing conditions are tough, you can bet you will at the very least learn something from a very skilled fisherman. I feel 100% confident that anyone seeking a trip with Jason will learn that he genuinely wants everyone to catch fish whether they have a trip with him or not. I look forward to fishing with Jason in the future. Thank you Jason!!


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