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I went on a trip to Monticello with Jason on Monday (12/13/10). We had an awesome time.  We boated about 40 fish and would have had a couple more, but I can't fish, lol.

Some of these were dinks, but several were chunks. We had 3 that went over 5lbs and several in the 3-4 range.  Catching fish was great, but the best thing about the trip was Jason's effort.  It's refreshing to have a guide that actually cares about a client catching fish.  I've been on trips where the guides were fishing hard and you're just along for the ride using the back deck.

With Jason, if I got hung up or broke something off, he would hand me another rod and tell me to fish, while he dealt with the mess.  Within a few cast, he'd have the new rod all rigged up and ready to go.  That was an important for me being that I don't get many days to get out and fish.  Another thing that I really liked about Jason was instead of fishing the entire time, he would get prepared for the next stop.  As we changed areas, he would get us rigged up while I fished the last few minutes at each stop.  When we got to the new stop, we dropped the TM and starting fishing.

We were scheduled to end at 4:30 or so, but I said, let me make a few more casts and we'll get out of here. He said, don't worry about it.....we have plenty of time.  At 5p, we were still fishing.  At about 5:15p, he took me to another spot and said, let's make 3 casts before we leave.  On the last cast, I landed probably our largest fish, somewhere between 5-6lbs.  The other guides I've used are hauling tail to the ramp right at quitting time. But with Jason it was all about the customer service and I really appreciated all his efforts.

Jason, thanks for a great trip.....gotta love that 141 brother.....


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