Testimonial From

Larry Hughes

Well, I took Slo-Cal up on his recommendation and hired Jason Hoffman to guide us on Monticello yesterday. You were right-on Slo-Cal you can’t miss with Jason.  Not only did he hold off this wicked cold front, he stuck with us until we landed the big one (dark:30)!We boated 15 nice bass ranging from 1 to 5 pounds and we had 4 serious break-offs.  It was a treat to watch others pass in front of us and we would follow and get bit!  I brought two first-timers from Connecticut, one of which boated his first, second, third and forth bass of his life. He’s hooked and looking forward to his next bass trip.We all had a tremendous time because Jason is a true bass professional, he knows the lake and I think some of the fish, personally. Best of all, he is willing and able to teach the novice or seasoned fisherman.  We left with knowledge and special memories that will last for a long time.  THANKS JASON!!!  Out of respect for Jason trying to feed his family doing what he loves, I will leave it up to him to divulge any details of the trip.  If I knew how to post the pics I would.Merry Christmas, Fish-on!


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