Testimonial From

Chris Hoffman

I want to say thank you again for providing such a great service.  I know that you would have like for us to have pulled more fish into the boat, than we did, but considering it was January and we drastic changes in conditions of the water & weather, you still put us on fish.

Bob had never fished for largemouth before and I think we now have converted a trout fisherman to a Bass guy.  This trip was a great experience for him & me.  I was also impressed with your ability to educate people.  Bob never fished with a bait-caster before and WOW!  If remember correctly, Bob only had one back-lash the entire trip.   I remember the first time I tried to use a bait-caster, I spent hours trying to undo backlash, and I must say that was attributed to your ability to educate and your knowledge of how to use the equipment.  I believe that the equipment you provided it helped and that the equipment is QUALITY.  I am now looking to pickup a new reel when I get back home.

Jason, again thank you for providing such a quality service.  I hope to return in the near future for some of that great spring fishing.  Jason, you are a knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and courteous guide.  I highly recommend you and your service to anyone!!!!  If you would like to experience quality fishing from a knowledgeable guide, than truly consider fishing Lake Fork with guide service from Jason Hoffman.

Yes, my last name is Hoffman but no-relation!


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