Testimonial From

Caryl Merchant

Although the internet is always a great source of information, you never really know what you might end up with when you buy goods or services. When I searched "fishing guide lake fork" I had no idea what a "catch" it would serve back! Pun intended!

Jason Hoffman, You are one awesome guide! I couldn't have possibly come up with a better birthday gift than the day we had on Saturday! I can assure you that you have made 2 friends that will last a lifetime!  Bobby is already working on Boone to plan a trip for them so I'm sure you'll be hearing from him soon.

Take care of yourself and that sweet little girl of yours- protect her from those alligators!

Once again, thanks so much we're looking forward to the next time!


P.O. Box 596
Emory, TX 75440

Mobile: (903) 456-3691
Email: jason@lakefork.us
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