Lake Fork Fishing Report – November 7, 2012

The fall big bite on Lake Fork seems to be taking shape. Huge schools of shad and yellow bass are starting to load up on road beds, humps, and points, and when that happens, you know Lake Fork’s giant bass are too far behind. This makes November one of my favorite months to fish Lake Fork.

We are fortunate that Lake Fork has plenty of deep structure for these fish load up on. Some days, the best depth will be 16-18 feet of water, while other days, I will find them as deep as 31 feet. Having good electronics and learning how to read them will make your job of finding fish a lot easier.

Once I locate a school, we are typically throwing three different baits – a Lake Fork Trophy Lures Flutter Spoon, a 1 oz jigging spoon (various brands), and a tail spinner (various brands). We will throw all three at each stop, but you will find that one of those baits will outperform the others on a given day. If I see lots of bass suspended, I will also throw a Santone Lures Slamma Rig. Talk about a good time, it doesn’t get much better than catching big bass on a Slamma Rig.

In addition to catching big largemouth bass, we are also catching good numbers of yellow bass and white bass. Our yellow bass population has exploded this year, and that is a good sign. These fish are the perfect sized forage for big bass. I haven’t been catching as many large white bass this year as I have the last two years, but I’m hearing of some big white bass being caught here and there. They are lots of fun to catch, but we would like to see their population reduced as they are direct competitors for our largemouth.

Lake Fork’s water temperature is ranging from 66-68 degrees, and water clarity is very good at about 2-3 feet. The lake level is 398.83 or 4.17 feet below full pool.

Lake Fork guide Jason Hoffman November 2012