Lake Fork Fishing Report - June 10, 2019

We are a third of the way through June, and Lake Fork is in great shape. I would rate the bass fishing as good to very good most days. The water level is a little above full pool at 403.18 (+.18), and our water temps are in the low 80s. We still have a ton of fish in shallow water, but the deep bite has really picked up the last few weeks.

I love to fish deep offshore structure, and there is no way I'd rather catch them than on a Santone Lures Football Jig. My favorite size and color is a 3/4 oz in Pinto Beans and Carrots. Pair it with a Strike King Rage Craw, and you have a combo that is hard for these fish to ignore!!!

Another bait that you will almost always see tied onto one of my rods is a Carolina rigged Chartreuse Pepper Hyper Stick by Lake Fork Trophy Trophy Lures. I rig my Carolina rig with a 1 oz egg sinker and about a 5 to 6 ft leader.

The deep crankbait bite has been good many days as well with Strike King's 6XD, 8XD, and 10XD getting the work done in my boat. Two of my favorite colors are Citrus Shad and Powder Blue Back Chartreuse. I always try to make my crankbaits deflect off of something (i.e. bottom or timber) if possible. If i get one hung up, I pull out my trusty lure retriever from Daiwa. It has saved me a TON of money the last couple of years!!!

Right now, most of the fish I am catching are in 17 to 21 feet of water. I might catch some a little shallower and some a little deeper, but that depth range has been where I'm doing most of my damage. Main lake points, humps, ridges, road beds, and pond dams are great places to look, and my new Livescope from Garmin makes it really difficult for these bass to hide from us!!! If you haven't seen it yet, I'd encourage you to check out some of the videos on YouTube. It's absolutely amazing. If you decide you want to add one to your boat, get with Fred over at Diamond Sports Marine, and he will get you hooked up. He sells all the Garmin Marine units and transducers, and he does a great job of installing them.

I hope that gives you a start on how and where to catch these big 'ol bass here on Lake Fork. If you're looking for a guided trip on Lake Fork, please shoot me an email or a text, or give me a call in the evenings.

Here are a few fish that we have caught the past few weeks:

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