June 24, 2012

Like has been the case for much of 2012, this past week has had its ups and downs. We started off the week with 19 in a full day, and had two half days with 19 each. We also had another full day with 10, and an extended half day with 9.

We did catch some good fish this week including an 8.56 caught by young Jake Evans in a Carolina rigged LFT Hyperstick. This bait and a LFT Baby Ring Fry accounted for most of our fish this week, but a Santone Slamma Rig added a lot of excitement to our trips.

If you haven’t thrown the Slamma rig yet, I highly suggest you try it. We all know that Santone builds quality lures and this rig is no different. I have caught over 20 fish on one rig including 3 bass on one cast on Wednesday and at least one double everyday. The wires have been bent every which way you can imagine, and I just keep bending them back into place. I keep thinking one of the wires is going to break on me, but it has shown incredible durability.

Here are a few fish from this past week: