January 15, 2020

It’s hard to believe that 2020 is here!!! We are fortunate to be able to catching big bass all year long here on Lake Fork, but the next few months are our best months for catching GIANT bass!!!

Current Conditions on Lake Fork: Water Level is currently 401.1 as of this writing. Water clarity is good on the south end and stained to muddy in the upper ends/backs of creeks. Water temperature is 51-53 depending on area.

For the next 6-8 weeks, you will find the following baits on the deck of my Ranger Z521L: Strike King Red Eye Shad in Delta Red, a white Strike King Thunder Cricket with a matching 3.5″ Lake Fork Trophy Lures Live Magic Shad, a Mean Green 5/16 oz Santone Lures Swim Jig, a suspending jerk bait, and a KVD 1.5 Squarebill crankbait.

I prefer to cover as much water as possible, and I will fish these baits in the back half of the major creeks around secondary points, creek channels, ditches, drains, and grassy flats. Most days, the key to catching fish is creating a reaction bite. I’ll have my clients bump stumps and tick grass whenever possible. Important: If you catch a fish, work that area very throughly. You will cover a lot of water without catching a fish, but you will typically catch more than one within close proximity.

If you prefer to slow down and truly hunt for that fish of a lifetime, there’s no better way to do it than by fishing a 3/8 or 1/2 black and blue Santone Rattlin’ jig. Work the biggest trees you can find along creek channels, and be ready. The bite will most likely be a light one, but the fight could be one you’ll never forget.

We still have a few open dates beginning in February, so if you’re looking for a guide on Lake Fork drop me an email or shoot me a text and we will get you set up to chase some trophy bass. Phone calls are fine too, but they can get a little tricky this time of year!!! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you!!!

Lake Fork Fishing Report – 10/19/17

It finally feels like fall here on Lake Fork, and I couldn’t be happier.  Water temperature is sitting right around the 73 degree mark, and the water level is at 402.19 (0.82 ft below full pool) at the time of this writing.

No matter if you prefer to fish shallow or deep, this is the time of year that numbers are pretty easy to come by.

Shallow Fishing on Lake Fork

For those that like to fish shallow, there is quite a bit of coontail and other aquatic vegetation in the upper ends of the lake.  These areas are holding a lot of fish, and some big ones too.  This past week, my client boated a 7 lb 7 oz bass, and about 15 minutes later boated a 12 lb 1 oz GIANT Lake Fork bass!!  Both fish were caught in 3-4 ft of water on a Santone Lures swim jig (Mean Green color) with a Strike King Lures Rage Swimmer trailer.  Other baits that have been working well for us are a Strike King Sexy Dawg and Sexy Dawg Jr, a Lake Fork Trophy Lures Hyper Stick, and a Strike King Red Eyed Shad.

Deep Fishing on Lake Fork

For the deep bite, the fish are really starting to group up on points, ridges, road beds, and some flats at the mouths of creeks.  I’ll look in 15-30 ft of water until I dial in what depth the fish want to be in at that particular time.  It will often fluctuate a time or two during the day and depending on what end of the lake you are fishing.

For the deep fish, a Carolina rigged Strike King Caffeine Shad or Lake Fork Trophy Lures Hyper Stick or LFT Baby Ring Fry, a drop shot with Strike King KVD Finesse Worm, Santone football jig, a jigging spoon, tail spinner, and an underspin are all players depending on the day.

I still have a few open dates in November, and several in December if you’d like to come out and get in on some of the action.  It’s a great time to bring someone new to bass fishing because we typically do lots of CATCHING this time of year!!!  If i can help, please email me at jason@lakefork.us or give me a call at (903) 456-3691.

Latest Lake Fork Bass Pictures

Here are a few catches from the past couple of weeks:

12 lb 1 oz Lake Fork Bass  Lake Fork bass Lake Fork bass Lake Fork bass Lake Fork bass Lake Fork bass Lake Fork bass

Video | Evan Pennington | Lake Fork Guide Jason Hoffman

This is a video of 11 year old Evan P. catching a nice 8+ pound bass on Lake Fork while fishing with Lake Fork guide Jason Hoffman on June 29, 2012.

Lake Fork Fishing Report – July 15, 2012

Lake Fork Fishing Report – The deep bite continues to produce quality bites, and that’s where I’m spending 100% of my time. I’m starting the mornings in 20-21 ft of water using a Carolina rigged LFT Hyperstick in Chartreuse Pepper and Watermelon Chartreuse. We’ll also throw a C-rigged LFT Baby Ring Fry in the same colors if the bite is a little slower.

As the sun gets higher in the sky, the schools of fish go a little deeper and you can find them most days in 24-31 ft of water. Use your electronics to find the schools of fish and don’t stop until you see what you’re looking for. I’m staying with the C-rig throughout the day and mixing in a 1 oz Santone Football jig in Pinto Beans and Carrots with a LFT Hyper Freak as well.

We’re averaging about 15 fish per day and those numbers have been pretty consistent. We’ve also set a few new personal bests over the last couple of weeks. Here are a few pics of the fish we’ve been catching:

Lake Fork bass

Lake Fork bass

Lake Fork bass

Lake Fork bass

Lake Fork bass

Tips | Tactics | McDonald’s Big Bass Splash | Lake Fork | 1

McDonald’s Big Bass Splash – Tips and Tacticts – Lake Fork

Tips | Tactics | McDonald’s Big Bass Splash | Lake Fork | 2

Asha | 8 pound Lake Fork Bass | Guide Jason Hoffman

Lake Fork Bass Guide Jason Hoffman